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New Tea and Coffee based cocktails

21 January 2010

We now have an interesting new range of tea and coffee based cocktails:
Espressini - espresso martini - the espresso gives this twist on the classic martini a real kick
Green Tea Mojito - suprisingly just as you would expect it to be - classic iced green tea and classic mojito.
Death by chocolate - serious calories with lots of chocolate icecream, vodka & coffee liquer all blended into a thick & yummy frozen cocktail.
Baileys iced Coffee - our famous iced coffee with a big shot of Baileys added - creamy dreamy!
Irish Coffee - sumptuous hot cofffee and cream with Jamesons added
Espesso Correto - shot of espresso with shot of liquor added (grappa, sambucca are traditional but you can put anything you like)


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