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21 December 2010

Peace is not something that comes with soft words and sentiment
peace is something to fight for
but not with war
peace inside comes from inner battles, faced, fought and won
peace in the world will come from the peace Warriors

Love - a word too easily used

Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind. William Shakespeare
Happiness - an elusive buggar!
its twin is sadness, they grow together
without great sorrow how can you know great joy.

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. Victor Hugo
Be a Warrior for peace, love till your heart bursts and embrace your trials and sorrows so that your heart can know true joy. Read more...


Beach Xmas Tree

20 December 2010

A little cove at the end of Tonsai beach provided Love Cafe Xmas tree this year - it came flatpacked!!!



free music

3 December 2010

Anyone who has even walked by love cafe will know how much i love my music. My taste evolves, what i play mutates over time, but during the last month i've been playing (often more times in a day than i should) quite a bit of Joe Purdy. Just got an update from his Facebook page:

Happy Holidays from Mudtown Crier Records!

To celebrate the release of Joe Purdy's 12th album "This American", for the entire month of December 2010 you can download this 15 song album for FREE! Feel FREE to share this page with the people you love!
So to all Love Cafe followers here is the link to Joe Purdy's free download Read more...

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