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25 August 2010

Everybody loves chocolate for eating but this season I've decided to focus on the drinking side of all things chocolate at Love Cafe. Now we have a whole page of hot, warm and iced chocolate drinks include hot chocolate shots: Venezuelan black and Belgian chilli shot.

Chocolates been around for thousands of years and originally in the New World, chocolate was consumed in a bitter, spicy drink called xocoatl, and was often flavored with vanilla, chili pepper, and achiote. At Love Cafe we scoured the planet for chocolates that give you this authentic chocolate drinking experience. We've also found a lot of yummy things to add to your chocolate, mini-marshmallows, agave nectar and manuka honey to name a few.

We've also dug into the scienc a bit and come up with a mood enhancing chocolate smoothie which we have appropriately named Elevator, which includes Venezuelan black cacao & matcha tea, plus a few other helpful ingredients.

Our iced chocolates include a white chocolate shake, iced cacao and our own recipe iced chocolate shake.

People know how to order coffee, just to their liking, and appreciate the different blends and serving styles - our aim here is to treat chocolate for drinking with the same level of seriousness, not just one size fits all!

We hope you'll come and try one...


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