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Drinks with Benefits

4 September 2010

The smoothies were some of the first drinks i sorted with Bree, and we always knew we wanted to do drinks with benefits, (witchcraft drinks as Ben calls them - which if course they're not!). Anyways with everything else that's changed on the menu and in line with making it harder for my customers to choose, the drinks with benefits have gone up a notch on the benefit stakes.

With our own recipe health drinks what you read is what you get! no additives or syrups. Here's a little sample off the new menu starting tomorrow.

Inner Health
Give your digestive system a boost with a smoothie of mango, banana, fresh ginger and lime with Aloe Vera & grape juice.

A healthy antioxidant boost with blueberries, prunes, manuka honey, fresh ginger & apple juice.

Ayurvedic energy balancer
Good before a nap - a warm milky drink, blended with dates & cinnamon.

The smoothie menu is also coming up for an overhaul - watch this space.


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