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8 September 2010

My theory is that something as simple as making lovely drinks can change the world.

Starting with the health benefits in yummy fruits and other drink ingredients that's gotta make you feel healthy right?

Then the mood altering properties of chocolate and special teas, that's to say nothing of the hangover cure combo.

Then there's the music, none of that head banging, thumping stuff, just really great tunes with great lyrics - who could possibly keep a bad mood on with Florence (aka Florence + the machine) pumping out cosmic love?

oo i nearly forgot the view - that mind-altering amazing view out to phi phi ley

and i haven't even started on the metaphysical stuff yet - like making everything with love - sending out those positive vibes

So how can the people that walk by here and buy a drink not be affected?
Then like a pebble in the water, they pass their good vibe on to someone else

before you know it we have the butterfly effect...

so is a love cafe drink world changing or not?

(of course all written with tongue very much in cheek)


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